Honors in the Time of Corona

  • John Zubizarreta Columbia College
Keywords: COVID-19, online teaching, remote learning, pedagogy resources


All of us who love what we do as teachers; who love our disciplines, scholarship, and students; who thrive on the challenges and rewards of honors education—we all have faced many new obstacles and disappointments caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Having resources to help us deal with the shifts is key to moving forward. While many concerns have surfaced in our profession, this essay’s collection of international resources focuses on four topics that affect honors in immediate ways: retooling faculty approaches to teaching; addressing student access and success; adapting capstone projects and presentations to online delivery and assessment; and adjusting grades (always a big factor in honors recruitment, retention, scholarships, alumni pathways, and more). To make the collection more useful, the list of resources includes some brief annotations to help organize and preview the items.